Familiar Parenting Saying in Our Home

Today in church to celebrate Father's Day they played a clip of "popular father's sayings".  Among them were:  "We are not lost.  I know exactly where we are", "Because I said so", "You will follow my rules as long as you live under my roof", and many others.  The clip ended on a positive note with such quips as "I will always love you", "You tried your best" and "That's okay we can try again".

After services concluded the kids couldn't wait to start a list of thing that their Dad and I say to them.   Here are a few of their top choices (notice they had more remarks for Mom's sayings - I would like to believe this means they are listening and learning, but it probably means I use too many words).

1.  "Love you too much to argue." (Mom)
2.  It's good to want things.  It builds character."  (Mom)  The kids have heard this one so often that they often reply "It builds character" before I finish the statement.
3.  "Because I said so." (Mom and Dad)
4.  That's so sad.  See you when you are happy again (followed by a quick trip to time out). (Mom)
5.  No.  (Mom and Dad)
6.  Repeat after me.  "I know I shouldn't do it.  I might get caught.  Then I'll have consequences.  I don't like consequences, so I'm not going to do it."  (Or the toddler version:  Shouldn't do it.  Get caught.  Consequences.  Yucky.  Not do it.) (Mom - this is having amazing results with our youngest 3.)
7.  I still love you, even when you make bad choices.  (Mom and Dad)
8.  Is that what I asked you to do? (Dad)
9.  Hands and feet to yourselves.  (Mom)
10.  Really? (Mom and Dad)
11.  "Was that smart?" (Dad)
12.  "Fair enough." (Dad)
13.  "Forever is always" (Mom and Dad)
14.  "Not gonna happen" (Dad)
15.  "Stop and think about it" (Mom)
16.  "Thank you for your obedience."  (Mom)
17.  "Yes/No/Thank You, Good Sir."  (Mom)  Honestly, I think I say "Good Sir" because I forget who I am talking to sometimes and "Good Sir" is easier than running through the list of names.

They kept going, but I think that is enough for today.  You can tell from the list that we are not always the best parents, but we do try everyday.  It is good to hear your own words through the mouths of your babies and to think about them saying the same thing to your grandchildren one day.  I have to admit that is a reality check that has stopped me in my tracks before and brought much more grace into my parenting.

Happy Father's Day.