Carrots and Cranberries Salad

I didn't have any raisins in the pantry, but I had a lot of carrots and thought that I could try the traditional Carrot and Raisin Salad with cranberries in the place of raisins.

I shredded the carrots and got everything else ready to mix.

Mixed up the dressing and then topped the carrot and cranberry mixture with it.

Added the lid and then shook out all the frustrations of the day until it was blended.

The final result was tasty and a bit sweeter than the original.


  1. I haven't had carrot & raisin salad in years! I love the idea of using cranberries instead to vary the flavor. Lovebug isn't a fan of dried cranberries (without sugar added) for some reason, but I would love it!


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