Bubbles, bubbles everywhere ...

We love to blow bubbles.  Blowing the bubbles, chasing the bubbles, watching the bubbles, smashing the bubbles and feeling them break on your skin is a wonderful activity for kids with ADHD and/or SPD, but it is also just a great bonding activity for our kids.

We have always spent time out in our backyard blowing bubbles and watching them float over the fence and into the neighbors yard, but in our new home there are a few new elements.  First, the wind blows differently here.  Sometimes the bubbles would start to drift up the hillside and then make a turn and come back down the hillside at us.  Secondly, there is the hillside.  Living on the side of a mountain on a sloped property puts us up in the trees on one side and facing a bank of earth on the other side.  Thirdly, we don't have fences here like we had in the suburbs, so we are free to chase rather than just watch.  Lastly, there is the thinner air at 7400+ feet that lets the bubbles rise and rise before the pop.  

I tried and tried to get a picture that would freeze the moment in time, but I guess this is just one of those unique moments when a picture cannot capture the true bliss of being surrounded by bubbles floating on a gentle breeze while the children race around the deck to smash them.  Thank goodness for mental snapshots.