Ahhh ... The Sound of Hammers and Saws in the Morning

Tuesday of this week was the start of a renovation project at our house and while the children dreamed of sleeping in late and hanging out in their PJs the reality is a crew of tradesmen that show up at 8am.

We had planned to have the project roll out in stages; first the lower level and then the upper level.  However, I decided it was best to just let them take over our home between 8am-5pm to see if we could have a week or so off the completion date.  If we stay on the projected plan everything should be finished the first week of July!  Cross your fingers for us that we will not experience any delays.

I mean really cross your fingers.  Did I mention that with the new "improved and speedier" timeline I had to give up my washer and dryer for most of the project?  With 4 kids and a busy husband you can imagine how much laundry we make each week.  It actually frightens a lot of people.  I may be resorting to doing the wash in the waterfall  and putting the clothes out to dry on a line - now that would be some "country liv'n".

When this project is finished the laundry room will be moved downstairs where it will share space with my very own office/craft room, the dogs will have their very own room (a.k.a. the mudroom) and we will have a much needed powder room bathroom.

Now a question to ponder:  Why is it that everyone always decides to go to the bathroom at one time?  Have you ever thought about installing bathroom stalls in your home?  With a total of 5 boys living with me I've thought a few times about having a room full of urinals in a completely tiled bathroom equipped with a pressure washer and a drain in the floor.  Too much?