Spring sprung then hopped away

Spring is in the air ... somewhere, but not here.  We had several days of beautiful spring weather, but then it seemed to hop away only to be replaced by winter again.  It snowed yesterday - over 3 inches.  Yes, the date on the blog is correct.  We are in the middle of May.

The snow has now melted and today we awoke to beautiful blue skies.  It is the days like today that make me love living here and we honestly have many more beautiful days than dreary ones.  However, I see that we have snow in the forecast again tomorrow, maybe just maybe it will all melt as it falls.

When we visited here last summer we were delighted to discover snow when we hiked up to a waterfall.  We assumed the snow that we saw was months old and left as the only remains from the 4 foot base they had during the winter.  Now that we live here I am fairly certain that snow was only a month old at best.  My friends that have lived here for years assure me that this is unusual weather even for the mountains.  However, they have cautioned me that we only really have three seasons:  snow, wind and sun -  really they are known as winter, fall and summer (notice the absence of spring).  As the old saying goes, "Only Time Will Tell".  I'll let you know how honest my friends are as the year moves ahead and we experience more mountain weather.