Rock Climbing

Spring is here and it is beautiful.  With highs in the 70s and cloudless blue skies our family is beckoned outside for hours every day.  We recently put up the hammock and it has an amazing view of the mountains along with the meadow and pond below.  I can't believe we get to live here.

Our children seem to sometimes have boundless energy and the rocks around our land are the perfect natural play structure for building their muscles and confidence.  Sometimes they do get a little over confident and try new things.  As with all trials, some go well and some end in a trip to the ER.

Last night was the later of the two.  HoneyBunny and I got to spend some quality time together while the very understanding and encouraging staff at our local Emergency Care Unit glued him back together again.  Literally.

HoneyBunny fell while jumping from boulder to boulder and hit his bead on one of the jagged outcroppings.  Head injuries frighten me.  There is always so much blood even with the cut is relatively small.  We quickly applied pressure and frozen peas (we use an inexpensive bag of frozen peas in place of ice - it molds to all body shapes and doesn't melt everywhere).  The bleeding stopped quickly and revealed a cut that may have been okay with a bandaid, but would likely leave a scar.  A trip to the ER was in order.

HoneyBunny was nervous.  Having just sewn a small pillow for me in Jr. Kindergarten he understands that sewing (stitches) requires a needle.  HoneyBunny doesn't like needles.  The staff calmed him down a little with a lollipop and then made him feel much better by announcing that he didn't need stitches; a little glue should do the trick.

While HoneyBunny was getting glued together he and I chatted about our dinner plans.  All of the other children had gone with their Dad to lacrosse practice, but in the excitement of HoneyBunny's fall our dinner plans had fallen through.  He and I decided to go pick up food and then surprise everyone with a picnic dinner.

Just before leaving for the ER I had picked up a change of clothes for HoneyBunny because he was more than a little polka dotted with blood drops.  When I asked him if he wanted to change before going to get food he had to consider it for several seconds.  Leaving on the spotted clothing spoke to his recent injury and his fearlessness, but it was also messy.  I enjoyed listening to him weigh the pros and cons before he finally decided that  he should change.  Freshly changed we enjoyed hot dogs and corn dogs while we waited for practice to be over.