Out of the Mouths of Babes

JellyBean is a delight and says it like he sees it.  At only 3 years old he is outgoing and walks into every room thinking that everyone in the room is his friend and can't wait to meet him.  I love how self assured he is becoming.

JellyBean recently started back to preschool 3 days a week to get some much needed socialization outside of our family and he loves it.  I hope he is always this excited to go to school.  At drop-off a few days ago a little girl walked into the classroom taking a wide path around my darling husband and JellyBean.  My darling noticed and said, "Hi" to her at which she ducked behind her mother's legs.  JellyBean announced that "she is my friend".  To which my darling said, "she seems afraid of you".  No missing a beat JellyBean replied, "She is afraid of my big muscles.  I'm big and strong".  JellyBean then proudly walked into class and started playing.

A few days later as my darling and I were working on getting the garage organized we were bantering back and forth having a great time together.  I'm often irritated that I am not able to do things that are so easy for him.  I shouldn't be; he is obviously stronger than I am.  However, I still put my hands on my hips and complained to which he replied, "you are just afraid of my big muscles.  I'm big and strong".  I couldn't help but break down into a fit of laughter that brought all the kids in to see what was so funny.

Like father, like son.  I love to see the attributes of my darling emerging in my sons.