The Last Day of School

Yesterday was the last day of the 2010-2011 school year for the kids and they are all VERY happy to be out of school for the summer.  We don't really have many plans since we are still exploring the area around our new home.  I'm certain there will be some sports camps, trips to visit family and then a few visitors here for us too.  Life with 4 boys is never dull.

We will also be working to make sure everyone is ready for school when August rolls around which is sure to happen much quicker than they would like.  JellyBean will have the same teacher again for preschool next year since we had bumped him up an age group this year to work on his speech delay.  He had wonderful results with this teacher and we are looking forward to even greater growth next year.  Our little HoneyBunny will be starting Kindergarten next year with a teacher that will be new to our school.  She is reported to be of the typical cuddly-Kindergarten teacher type which will be wonderful for my little one that is always looking for reassurance and encouragement.  Just a year ahead of him is LoveBug who will be moving into First Grade (Celebration!  He is all caught up now -even somewhat advanced- from his academic delay.)  He will have yet another teacher who is new to our school.  He thrives in structured environments and she promises to deliver exactly what he craves along with a good dose of encouragement to help him really blossom.  Then there is our SugarBear who will be moving into Sixth Grade and will officially be a Middle-Schooler.  He will have two teachers that have a wonderful reputation for excellence and he is excited about the move up the food chain from elementary school, but has promised to still watch out for his little brothers.  We will have 3 of them in 1 school next year and the preschool is just across the street making Mom's life a lot easier.

They are all growing up so quickly.  I take pictures all the time just to keep track of where they have been, how much they have accomplished and to try to get a glimpse of what the future might hold for our little stars.  The 2011-2012 school year looks to be an exciting amusement ride already, but for now I'm happy to sleep in a few days and let summer roll across us.