Answer: 78 hours

Question:  How long does it take for a quarter to take the full tour of a 4 year old's digestive system?
Answer:  78 hours (which was much longer than anticipated).

I believe this little quarter took the scenic route making a few stops along the way, but HoneyBunny is delighted to finally be finished with the ordeal.  As an interesting side note, he was correct it was a New York State Quarter.


  1. Hey - What's your nickname? For now I'll call you treemama :)

    So - that's just nasty. The things we do for our kids. I'm kind of glad that you planned to have him fish it out. DOn't know if you ended up doing that or not, but it gave me courage to have our little guy clean up behavioral vomit.

  2. It was a difficult parenting decision to enforce, but we did and he learned a valuable lesson because of it. On the note of hygiene we did make sure he had disposable gloves, sufficient paper products and a disposable refuse container to aid his efforts along with parental supervision. As an added benefit there was also a bit of self-reliance that came about from the lesson that we hadn't expected. I hope that you experience similar results with your little guy.


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