Pancakes, Please

Several weeks ago SugarBear's assignment was to write a book for his 2nd grade buddy.  There were a few guidelines:  9-10 pages, at least 10 words per page, at least 2 words that would be new vocabulary words and illustrations.  SugarBear came up with the idea for the topic to be about math and sharing.  I must admit I was very impressed by the rough story outline he had developed and it needed only a little polish to be ready.  He finished the project days ahead of the class (his teacher was not impressed??) and here it is for your enjoyment.
Pancakes, Please

Do you know that some people think that frogs like flies?  Really they like pancakes.  They like pancakes so much that in the land of Warts and Not-Waffles there was almost a war over pancakes.

On Friday afternoon while resting on his log Mr. Frog became terribly hungry.  His tummy growled sounding like an earthquake and felt like he hadn't eaten in DECADES.  He thought to himself, "Pancakes are what I need", so off he hopped.

 At the Not-A-Waffle Shop in the castle Mr. Frog bought 10 pancakes from the King Frog.
When Mr. Frog's 5 friends saw his 10 pancakes they were jealous.  So jealous, that they each bought 4 times as many pancakes as Mr. Frog had bought from the King Frog.

The jealous friends continued to fight among themselves, but all the while the King Frog started looking very DISTRAUGHT as he realized he had sold all his pancakes.

How many pancakes did the King Frog sell on Friday?
 Mr. Frog bought 10, then each of his 5 friends bought 4 times as many.  So, each friend bought 40 pancakes!  40 pancakes times 5 friends is 200 pancakes, plus the 10 pancakes Mr. Frog bought.  That equals 210 pancakes sold on Friday and he didn't leave even 1 pancake for himself.

Mr. Frog cam to the King Frog's rescue when he shared his ten pancakes with the King Frog. After enjoying a delicious meal of pancakes the King Frog thanked Mr. Fog.

They have been good friends ever since.
As for the jealous frogs that bought 40 pancakes each, they didn't learn to share.  They kept all 40 pancakes all to themselves until they spoiled and attracted flies.

The End.