Mixed Bag Designs

We are new in the area and the best way to make friends is to be involved.  I'm good at being involved.  My darling husband would say I might be a little too good at volunteering.  He was not the least bit surprised to find out that I had volunteered to chair the committee for our elementary school's latest fundraiser (we moved here just over 3 months ago).  What was I to do?  They needed help and no one was stepping up.

So here is my plea ... help me be successful.  It is a great little fundraiser featuring reusable bags of all sorts (sandwich bags to grocery bags to garment bags).  Our school receives 50% of the sale price to put toward projects that will improve the classrooms.  Our fundraiser dates are April 7-21, 2011 and you can even shop on-line.  Of course, if you enter an order on-line I will never know about it because it ships directly to you.  However, our school will receive the credit if you use our Promotion Code #52110.

How to shop from home:
1.  www.mixedbagdesigns.net
2.  Shop the retail pages for the bags
3.  Add them to your cart
4.  Review your order
5. Add payment info
6. Enter our school ID on the Review and Submit Your Order page
7.  School ID:  52110