Easter Preparedness

Easter Sunday is April 24th and I am not ready!  Spiritually I am prepared and excited about the upcoming celebration, but that the extent of my preparedness.

We have been talking about Easter around the dinner table at devotion time all week.  My heart nearly burst last night when as SugarBear led our devotion time and asked what Jesus had done to protect us LoveBug raised his hand and said, "He died for our sins".  I then asked them a few follow-up questions about Christ's death and our sinful nature before switching over to the resurrection.  When I asked how long Christ was in the tomb I expected SugarBear to be the only one with an answer, but it was HoneyBunny who shot his hand into the air.  "Three days, then He spent time with some friends before going up to Heaven to see God."  JellyBean even got in on the action by correctly answering "Jesus" when I asked him who was the greatest king of all time.

As for not being prepared with baskets and outfits ...  I try not to get swept into the idea that everyone needs a special new outfit.  So, this year I thought the kids could just wear their clothes from Adoption Day, but it turns out they have grown since then.  How is that possible?!  The pants still fit, but the shirts are too small.  Easy enough right ... just find shirts that will match the remainder of the outfit.

I had a rare thing happen today; as I was out shopping the outlet mall clearance rack I found two different options for each kid.  One in each store I visited.  I bought them and quickly left.  I never have any luck shopping and a lucky streak like that could really cost a girl a lot of money!

As for the baskets, we are recycling from last year with some added goodies that I picked up on the clearance isle.  JellyBean and HoneyBunny saw them a few weeks ago and asked for the items then.  I went back later to find out they had been marked down even further!  I don't usually add any candy because I find that they get far more than any person could "need" at our church's Easter Egg Hunt.

I think the plan is coming together.  My darling husband gets home tonight and I will run it all past him to see what I may have missed.  I guess I really was more ready that I thought.  Writing is good for me.  Taking time to see the full picture rather than just a glimpse at it as I chase after someone to put on their shoes, comb their hair or PUT ON A JACKET.