Easter Egg Hunting in the SNOW!

What can make hunting Easter eggs even more fun?  Hunting them in the snow.  Saturday was the real day for hunting in the snow.  We woke up to a surprising blanket of white across the landscape that had not been in the day's forecast.  We were not sure they would still have the hunt, but we put on our gear and headed to church.  (There was so much snow coming down the I'm afraid that I didn't get out the camera.) 

Here is what we learned:  As long as it is a nice slow snow and the Easter Bunny recently put out the eggs it is great fun.  The bright colors of the eggs really stand out against the snowy white blanket across the landscape, but as the snow accumulates it starts to get a bit more difficult.  JellyBean and HoneyBunny were digging through the snow to find eggs while LoveBug joined the older kids and darted down the path ahead of us.  I'm sure we (or our fox neighbors) find a few eggs as the snow melts.  Another lesson:  the candy wrapped in foil needs to be set out to dry or it will turn to mush as the snow melts in the basket while Mom talks to her friends.

Now regarding our Sunday Easter Egg Hunt at our friend's house ... it had only recently started to snow (Saturday's snow melted by midday) as the kids went out to gather.  It is really too warm for the snow to stick, but it made for a lot of excited children as they danced in the snow and darted around gathering up the brightly colored eggs.

A picture cannot due justice to their level of excitement.  It was difficult to tell if they were shivering from the cold or from the excitement of seeing a lawn covered with eggs.