Another Schedule Change

I love our new home.  I love living (somewhat) remote.  I love the wildlife that surrounds us, the open area for the kids to play, the constantly changing weather and the views.  For all of this I have made adjustments in our family life.
When we go grocery shopping it takes two carts because we cannot just run to the grocery store mid-week for a gallon of milk or a missing ingredient.  When we go down the hill for anything (doctor's appointment, trip to Costco, lacrosse game) we do everything at one time.  (With the current price of gas we try to make the most of the 40 mile round trip.)  We live off of well water, so every drop counts.  It is a deep well, but we are a family of six that was accustomed to city living - deep bathtubs are a thing of the past.  Which brings me to my next change.  LAUNDRY.
I no longer have a "Laundry Day" when I do all the laundry, strip the beds and then put it all back together.  Doing so would overload our septic system.  With showers, baths, dishes and a load or two of laundry a day the system will not be overwhelmed (especially now that the ground has thawed).  However, that means the laundry is never all done.  I loved laundry day and the sense of accomplishment I felt afterwards - now I always have a few loads waiting in the wings.
Oh well, change has become our new way of life.  I've recently heard that the bears are out of hibernation ...