Wildfire Evacuation Plan

Welcome to the dry season ... the wildfires are upon us.  Literally.

When we decided to move to an area known for wildfires we thought we would have some time.  Time to do what exactly I'm not sure, but time none the less.

Out walking our property with HoneyBunny and JellyBean I noticed all the brush and fallen limbs that needed to be piled and cut into firewood.  As a family we recently tackled the project and now we have a sufficient amount of wood fuel for spring, but I guess we were not the only property with some "kindling" built up around our property.

Recently, the neighborhood that we almost moved into (our 2nd choice house) was asked to standby to evacuate due to fire driven by high winds.  Fortunately the fire was contained and those that had evacuated were able to return to their homes and sleep in the own beds, but it did get me thinking.

If asked to "Standby for Evacuation" that would mean that we have a little time to get things together before heading out.  What would be take?  Here is my list so far.

* Prescriptions
* Pets (& their food)
* First Aid Kit
* Emergency Kit:  flashlight, batteries, radio, bottled water, snacks
* Extra Clothing:  dirty clothes baskets have everything needed
* Bedding:  blankets, pillows, sleeping bag, nap mat
* Money/Purse
*Cell Phone
*Important Documents:  Birth Certificats, Passport, Marriage License, Insurance Policy, Car Titles, Deed
* Jewelry and (small) Heirlooms
* Pictures/Photo Album/Back-Up Drive
* Computers
* Camera

I've also decided that I really need to catalog our home now that we are moved in and getting settled.  I'll be getting out the camera to take pictures in every room and then storing the pictures at a remote web location.