Remodeling, painting, painting & painting

When I look at our home I see what it will be one day.  One day after the remodeling is finished, one day after the painting is finished, one day after I have cleaned up the mess one last time.  But today I look around and see what others see.  A house that is a home. 

We truly live in this house.  It isn't the perfect model homes of our past with all the designer touches and when friends visit they are a little surprised. 
1.  The banister is loose.  I've ordered the parts and contacted the contractor to have it repaired.
2.  I haven't finished that last project in the playroom in spite of my children's urgings to paint while they play it just seems like a bad idea. 
3.  Then there is the master bedroom where greeted each time I walk in by curtains in need of hemming (maybe safety pins would suffice).
4.  There is navy and white striped wallpaper in the laundry room that features the creative artistry of the previous owner's children.  Not only do the stripes make me feel like I am serving time, but I am distracted by all the little drawings - it must come down.
That is just the list for today and doesn't include the "big" projects.