Alas, I find motivation in lists.  The curtains are now hemmed!

The weather is glorious out today.  It is a balmy 45 degrees at elevation 7400 with the bright sun beaming down.  I love living here.  Only a few weeks ago it was -24 degrees and staying outside too long put anyone at risk of frost bite. 

Back to the beautiful day that the Lord gave us ... I took the opportunity to begin to take down some fencing.  Our home is a "horse property", but we are not horse people.  Thus, we decided to take down the fence around the upper pasture (which is also our backyard) to allow the children to play without the impediment of crawling through the fence.  Now of course my darling husband will be happy to take down then fence when he is home, but I can be stubborn and impatient.  It was sunny, so I decided to give it a go.  Remembering back to my childhood days on my grandparent's cattle ranch; I took my pliers up the hill and removed the wire from the fence posts.  Now the problem is that I lack the brute strength to pull the poles.  Do I dare tell my darling that I started a project that I cannot finish or should I take the shovel up the hill to see if I can do it myself?  Well, get the shovel of course.  Stay tuned to see if I get those posts out of the ground without having to admit defeat.