The Danger of a Hood

If you have watched Disney's THE INCREDIBLES then you are aware that capes can be dangerous causing one to be sucked into jet engine.  Having learned that lesson well we are very careful when wearing capes.  Our capes always feature Velcro closures sure to release in the event one of the children ventures too close to a jet engine (because their cape would be my greatest concern).  However, no one mentioned the inherent dangers of hooded sweatshirts. 

Last Saturday while down the hill running errands our family stoped to dine on pizza.  Throughout the meal each of our children decided they needed to check out the bathroom situation.  After numerous ups and downs escorting children to the bathroom our oldest (SugarBear) finished eating just in time to escort his youngest brother to the bathroom.  SugarBear opened the door for JellyBean only to be thanked with an "I big 'nough.  I do it."  Thus, SugarBear let the door close.  JellyBean pushed and pushed on the door finally getting it open far enough to pass through.  Unfortunately, JellyBeans' hood did not make the trip with him.  His hood became stuck in the closed door in much the same way your hand can get stuck in a closed car door (minus the pain).  JellyBean was effectively held captive in this manner for at least 10 seconds before SugarBear opened the door to release his brother.

JellyBean then completed his bathroom inspection and upon returning to the table announced, "I got caught by the door.  It grabbed me".

I must admit I laughed when I saw it happen for a little too long.  Learning is such fun, especially when something like natural consequences takes the place of on-the-site parenting.  I then laughed again when I found out the door had "grabbed" JellyBean.

All this week I have watched JellyBean be especially mindful of closing doors.  He is either through them quickly or turned and watching them closely as they close.  As for hooded sweatshirts - you have been warned.