About Our Family

We live at an elevation of 7,400+ feet.  We moved here in late 2010 and there are a few things we are still learning about living in the mountains.  I try to keep a sense of humor about it and am successful most of the time.  From raising our family to plowing through snow banks; all things get easier with a little time.

We are a family created through birth and adoption.  It took us a few years to meet, but I believe God always intended for us to be a family.  My darling husband and I would have never guessed that we were destined to raise 4 children, but God had a plan and it is good.  I have learned that God's plan is never what I anticipate, rarely what I asked to have and seldom what I thought I was strong enough to handle.

As for the specifics about us ...  I live with my darling husband, our 4 sons, 3 dogs and 39 hens and 1 rooster.  Why 4 kids?  Birth gave us 1, then God used the foster-to-adopt system to give us 3 more to fill our home.  Why 3 dogs?  I'm still not sure, but we love them like they are family.  Why 39 hens?  A family of 6 uses a lot of eggs and we like the idea of a sustainable life and the boys enjoy selling the rest.  Why 1 rooster?  He is handsome and helps to protect the hens.  We will probably get another soon.  Our guy looks a little worse for wear with all those ladies to keep up with.  Next?  Our garden (our experimental greenhouse went up the spring of 2012) and then something to graze our slopes ... goat ... alpaca?  We still are not sure.